Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: The CASE of the Missing Creativity

Another short post on this Thrifty Thursday...

This week at Staples they have sliding pencil cases like the picture below for only a penny (limit of 4) with a $5 minimum purchase!  

I've been looking for creative ways to use mine, and I seem to have a creative block at the brain's probably still fried from the last three days of professional development.  I have 12 pencil cases (thanks to some I got on this sale last year plus my mom hooking me up with her 4!).  So far, I've seen some neat centers for sight words and phonics like THIS one and THIS one. I may go with those ideas, but I haven't committed to them, just in case one of YOU have a brilliant idea on how to use them, so share away!  (Seriously, please!?)

And my last thrifty find is genius, and I'm honestly quite disappointed in myself for not having thought of this before.  I found this picture on Pinterest.   Use bulletin board border (that we have SOO much of and don't know what to do with) as crowns!  Duh! The possibilities are endless...birthday, 100th day, behavior reward, etc. etc. ETC.!  I love it, and I can't wait to put my poor neglected border to good use!  

Isn't this a great idea!?
I hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday! And for those of you who are sitting through meetings, trainings, and conferences right now, this one's for you! 
You're welcome.

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