Friday, July 26, 2013

Favorite Finds Friday: App Quest

It's Friday!  TGIF for those of you who work during the summer and "WKWDII" ("Who knows what day it is) to my fellow teachers! :) 

Two nights ago I FINALLY sat down to download some new apps for my classroom iPad.  I have been meaning to do this for a while now.  Yesterday I had the sweet girl that I tutor try them out, and here are the ones I recommend!

-"Play Sight Words, Gr. 1 &2"- different games to practice sight words
Play Sight Words example

-"Kids Learn Sight Words" by Teacher Created Materials- not super exciting, but it will show a sight word and the kiddo has to trace his/her finger on the lines to practice "writing" the word.  Also says the word if you click on the star
Kids Learn Sight Words example

-"Math vs. Zombies"- I'm pretty sure the boys will especially love this one!  In order to turn the zombies back into humans, you have to click on the right answer to the math equation.  Has addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Math vs. Zombies example (they have different levels of difficulty)
-"Story Chimes"- If you do a search for this in the app store, it will bring you to TONS of different stories.  You can choose to read it by yourself or have the story read to you.  A bunch (we're talkin' lots) are FREE!!!  And many are good classic stories and fairy tales that we all know and love.

Story Chimes examples- So many to choose from!
-"Classroom Timer"-  A free timer for your classroom that shows the time decreasing.  Very visual.  Also has a "Great Job" affirmation if you click the "DONE" button because you finished before the timer went off.
Classroom Timer example
-"Top It"- This math game "deals" cards to two players (or you can play alone).  Each player or side gets two cards.  First, you have to add the two cards together to find the sum.  Then you determine which number is greater.  This app did cost me $1.99 I think. 
Top It example
-"Number Rack"-  This is the digital version of those ever so popular Rekenreks that you can use in math to build number sense.  You can keep a single rack of beads or add multiple racks of beads.
Number Rack example
-"Jumbled Sentences 3"- This app is really cute.  It gives you words to a sentence in a mixed up order.  You have to use your knowledge of sentence structure and language sense to put the words in the correct order.  The first letter of one word is capitalized which is a helpful clue to put it first.  
Jumbled Sentences example
-"The Electric Company Game"- This is a fun cross-curricular game for between 1-4 players.  They move to different spots on the game board and have to complete a challenge before the next turn.  So far I've seen CVCe words, decoding, greater than/less than, etc.  A fun one!
The Electric Company example
-"Word Wonderland-Primary"- This was the absolute favorite game she played yesterday (and it's free!).  Even my 4 year old loved it.  It starts out as low as CVC word level and goes up to silent e, and later more sophisticated vowel patterns.  It's a game board of lily pads, but some are missing.  You have to match the word to the correct label ("short i") to create a lily pad to hop on.  The object of the game is to make it to the end board piece.  There's also stars that you want to collect along the way.  Occasionally a little dragonfly will come and try to steal your star, so you have to shake the iPad to make him shoo away.  She loved that!  And it added an extra challenge.  I definitely recommend this one!!
Word Wonderland example

Well, I hope I was able to introduce you to some good finds you might not have already had on your iPad!  I can't wait to use these this year!  Do you have any new apps to add to this list??  If so, comment here.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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